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Tommee Tippee Explora Review: Feeding Solutions for Every Stage

Tommee Tippee has been there for every stage of my little girl's life so far. We loved their Closer to Nature bottles and when it was time to learn to use a cup, their Explora Truly Spill-Proff Trainer Cups were the best. Now, as we begin independent eating, the Explora line of products is right there offering meal solutions and on-the-go eating help that I really appreciate.

First of all, let me just say that Abigail is the messiest eater. Between making a mess with her food and thinking that letting the cup fall to the ground repeatedly is the funnest game ever - mealtime oftentimes is more agitating than it is fun. For a few weeks now, we've been using the Explora Easi-Mat, which is really an inventive little product! It is made to stick to all flat surfaces and then on the top is a sticky part that will hold down a plate or bowl. Putting it to the test, I like that it was sticky and stable and that the part that held the plate/bowl was versatile and could be used for any brand of children's tableware. I also really appreciated that it could be cleaned in the dishwasher!! And, on top of that, after a few washes thus far it has maintained it's stickiness.
In the video you can see a little of how it works, with Abby trying to pull the bowl away. However, being the "determined" eater she is, she has no problem eventually pulling the bowl and mat off whatever surface we have used. I'm hoping that as she becomes more patient with her meals that she will outgrow this and the Easi-Mat will again be useful in developing her skills and manners.
The Explora Weaning Bowls & Weaning Spoon integrates perfectly with the Easi-Mat. The package comes with two bowls, a lid, and a weaning spoon that stores quite handily within the top of the lid. This is great for on-the-go feeding, especially because using the lid makes the bowl leak-proof! I didn't think I would like having the grip on the side of the bowl, but I found that it was great for when I would have to hold the bowl and let Abby grab snacks out of it. It made the bowl much less likely to go flying when she reached in for a handful of snacks ;)

The Explora Truly Spill-Proof Water Bottle is fantastic. It's larger and has a spout similar to a sports bottle, so it's a little more fun and a bit easier for my 12 month-old to drink from. I like that all the Explora Spill-Proof cups use the same valve, too, which helps immensely when in a hurry! I think Abby prefers this cup, too, as she gets pretty happy when she sees it pulled out (it looks like something her big sister would drink out of, so that right there means it's a winner!).

Head on over to Babies R' Us or Toys R' Us in-person or online through July 23rd to score a Buy One Get One 50% Off sale on all Tommee Tippee products. You will also want to follow Tommee Tippee on Twitter and "like" them on Facebook to stay abreast of new products and promotions, including sales and giveaways around the web!

These products were provided to me at no cost by Tommee Tippee for review purposes as 
a member of The Mom Bloggers Club. For further disclosure, please click here.


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